What Can Be Achieved With Hypnosis?

Mumbo and Jumbo have been at it again.  

You know who they are – those clueless New Age twits with a hint of knowledge (or less), clutching a piece of paper declaring them ‘experts’, and pretentiously pontificating all the things you ‘can’t’ achieve – and exactly how and why you can’t achieve them.  

Of course, not all twits are New Agers, and not all New Agers are twits – but it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference.

And now that I’ve ruffled a few feathers, let’s get on with it.

‘Hypnosis’ is a word much bandied about and little understood.  But first, please know that:

– there’s no such thing as a person who ‘can’t be hypnotized’,

– you don’t need a degree in rocket science or psychology to understand that hypnosis will work for you, or how to use it for yourself,

– you don’t need to fork out a mortgage to pay a ‘professional’, or buy their CD’s, MP3’s or books, in order to benefit (you can, but you don’t need to).

Why? Because research is free to anyone with some spare time, an inquiring mind, a library or access to a computer, and the desire to push past some of the New Age ‘bs’ flying around, to learn what has been accomplished with hypnosis in the past – and can be accomplished again.

It’s just apparently ‘taboo’ to talk about it in polite society, where, it seems, there’s a silent ‘understanding’ that so many are counting on you remaining sick and miserable so that they may continue to live comfortable, prosperous, affluent lifestyles. After all, they invested several years of study in the field, banking on you remaining just as you are.  

Granted, one might initially find research slow going, because getting to the ‘good stuff’ is typically buried under mountains of lies and misinformation, all designed to keep you ignorant and eventually feeling as though it’s ‘beyond’ you, that you can’t do it yourself, and that if it works at all, it could only be through bleeding money to consult assorted ineffectual New Age twits and gurus.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

There’s currently a lot of waffle written on various sites about what hypnosis/self-hypnosis can achieve, with an annoying number claiming that hypnosis can only “help you manage pain” or “help you manage illness”, or “help you accept your appearance”, or “help you feel young again”.  

I’m sorry, but I call bullshit on that. 

Why would anyone just want to ‘manage’ pain or illness, or pretend they ‘feel young again’ Why not eliminate entirely?  Or alter entirely?  Or remove entirely? Or physically rebuild and rejuvenate, completely?

While we’re on the subject, why do ‘professionals’ insist on the use of hypnosis as a mere ‘tool’ to ‘help you manage’ – as though it’s as insignificant as a fork to eat your meal with?  

Why do they flood their sites with ineffectual CD’s and MP3’s that they know will only provide minimal effect, if any?  

Why don’t any of them have the balls to stand up and tell the truth, to stand up and be counted? I’m guessing it’s either vested interests or ignorance.

The very real and astounding power of hypnosis is capable of far, far more than just ‘helping you manage’.  The very real and astounding power and purpose of hypnosis is to eliminate, remove, rebuild, create, recreate.  

Ok, let’s back up.

Nobody denies that we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, right?  We’re all agreed. Even science, bless it’s little cotton socks, agrees.  But does anyone ever really talk about just how powerful our subconscious minds truly are?  I mean, really talk about it in the context of hypnosis, aside from just ‘help you to manage’?

Our subconscious minds created our bodies from – basically – nothing.  Think about it.  From nothing, it created bones, tissue, blood cells, a nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, hair, eyes, teeth, etc  and made us grow in height from birth to adulthood.  Isn’t that just kind of – remarkable?

Exactly what kind of power is it within us, that it can just do that? I mean, isn’t that bordering on ‘supernatural’ powers? (I’m spiritual, not religious, so let’s not go there.)

Nobody denies that the subconscious mind is in total control of the functioning our bodies, either.  We don’t have to think about breathing or keeping our hearts pumping, organs functioning, or hormones flowing, because our subconscious minds keep it all happening for us.  I mean, isn’t that just remarkably powerful stuff, when you stop to think about it?

Furthermore, nobody denies that the subconscious mind remembers every single detail of every single moment of our lives, beginning from the moment it created our bodies from nothing. It remembers every single event that ever happened to us. Like an elephant, it never forgets.

Nobody denies that the subconscious mind also knows and remembers every minute detail of how – and why – we became ill, injured, lost teeth, broke bones, whatever the case may be.

But, from that point on, in this 21st century, few seem to consider, much less openly talk about, the absolute power and ability of what the subconscious mind can do for us – in the here and now – via hypnosis.

I’m not going to delve into the input from the conscious mind that causes negatives, illness, etc., to happen to us in the first place – that’s a given, which is discussed ad infinitum all over the internet. No.  The purpose of this blog is to talk about what the power of the subconscious mind can do for us now.

Our subconscious minds know – and remember – how they created our bodies. They know and remember how they created and formed bone, muscle, hair, skin, teeth, organs.  It stands to reason, therefore, that they also know and remember how to rebuild what parts of it have degenerated, broken, crumbled, become sick, infected, weak, what have you. 

In other words, the subconscious mind has the power and the knowledge to reverse damage, disease and degeneration – to rebuild again from ‘scratch’.  Think about that.  Consider that. What ‘authority’ dares claim it can’t be so? 

All the subconscious mind needs is the instruction to change the status quo, or the current program, so to speak.  I feel very strongly that hypnosis (whether self hypnosis or via a therapist) is the key to unlocking a whole world of self-creation, regeneration, healing – and much, much more.

Yes, we can argue, if we made ourselves sick via our thinking processes and negative self beliefs, then wouldn’t there be resistance to hypnotic suggestion in reversing things?  More than likely, yes, but they’re easy enough hurdles to jump, don’t be told otherwise. I’ll get to that shortly.

Furthermore, I don’t think it’s necessary for people to spend a small mortgage to see a hypnotherapist, when they can do it themselves – and I’ll also get to the ‘how’ part in a minute.

Just think, though – if you’ve never done so before – of what your subconscious mind has the power to do for you. It’s like having our very own genie living right inside us!  And we know it’s been utterly faithful in obeying our every thought and fear (instructions), because we’ve always seen it create them in our lives – the very things we didn’t want to happen, feared happening, happened. It’s perfectly obedient. Always has been always will be. We know that for a fact when we look back over our lives.  

But imagine how much more remarkable and wonderful, to be in control of this ‘inner genie’ – our subconscious minds?

I see no reason why every physical sign of aging couldn’t be reversed, for example.  

Who said you can’t look and feel like you’re 25 years old when you’re 80 years old?  Haven’t we been practically ‘genetically’ brainwashed into believing that?  It’s another lie – just as telling humanity that it can only live for an absolute maximum of 120 years is a lie.  

Again, think about it. Why have we accepted these lies as ‘truth’ or ‘facts’, without question, when we now know that the subconscious mind is all-powerful and knows no limits but those we impose upon it?

Why should you be sick and die of cancer, when a child under the age of 10 can cure himself of the very same thing by simply drawing pictures to visualize it away? (60 Minutes, Australia – some time in the 80’s).  

Why should you suffer from an excruciating, debilitating, ‘incurable’ skin ichthyosis (fish scale disease), when Dr Albert Mason cured a teenage boy of that very condition with just two hypnosis sessions? (British Medical Journal, August 23, 1952). 

Why should you be only 4 feet tall when Dr Milton Erickson helped a short man grow 12 inches taller in 12 months? (although he never reported it because, he said, “No respectable editor of a scientific journal would publish such an impossible thing”).

Why should you dislike the size of your nose, length of your fingers, or those flabby muscles, when your own subconscious mind can change them entirely for you?  http://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/freomm/mentaimagery.htm 

So, what now?

If you prefer to see a hypnotherapist, by all means, do so, but make sure he or she is empathetic to your cause and believes entirely, as you do, that absolutely nothing is impossible, otherwise, their negative beliefs could affect the outcome, so that absolutely nothing is achieved.

Do it yourself:  

*A quick note first:  Any site, or hypnotherapist, claiming that you “can’t use negative words” in your script, is full of it, has done no research whatsoever, has no experience with using them whatsoever, and more than likely would prefer to see you fail so that you either give up, or feel obliged to pay through the nose for their services, or buy their overpriced CD’s, mp3’s and publications.  It’s a lie.  I, and others, know it to be a fact.

You absolutely can use negative words, like ‘don’t, won’t, can’t’, etc.  Negatives were used long before the New Age stuck it’s beak in and tried to re-write what has worked quite successfully for decades, if not centuries.  Ignore them and use whatever words feel most right to you.

The following is a guideline only – feel free to play around and create something that works for you and feels right for you.

You could download Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) to create your recording – it’s free, but use whatever you like – anything that will allow you to record your voice (your own voice has a more powerful effect on your subconscious mind than anyone else’s). 

Then you’ll need something that will allow you to play your recording repeatedly at night while you sleep –  either softly through speakers, or with a headset, whichever is most comfortable for you. Just as long as it has a repeat function and can keep your recording playing the entire night while you sleep.

I personally prefer the ‘sleep method’ because my conscious mind is entirely unable to interfere with the process.

There are so many different ways you could go about this – no one method is right or wrong, despite what anyone else says. Always remember, if it feels right for you, it is right for you.

You might like to begin your recording by clearing out any potential, unknown resistances to the instructions you want to give your subconscious mind first, so, depending on what changes you’re wanting to make, you might start with something like,

Every negative thought, belief and emotion about <insert issue here ie: “your ability to heal your body entirely”> is now permanently removed from your subconscious mind”.

I personally like to use the word ‘you’ in my recordings, because I’m speaking directly to my subconscious mind and not my conscious mind, which is off in la-la land (hopefully), but if you prefer to use ‘me’ and ‘my’ instead, again, whatever feels right to you is what’s important.

After that, you instruct your subconscious mind to do whatever it is you desire, for example:

You remember how you created my entire body in every detail. You remember how this <insert issue here> occurred, and what caused it. You have the knowledge and the power to completely and permanently heal and reverse this <insert issue here> and you are doing so, right noooooooow.” (don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you, but I’ve always instinctively elongated the word ‘now’ at the end of the sentence for emphasis).

Play around with the wording, be as specific as you can, and don’t be afraid to inject some enthusiasm and excitement into your voice if you feel the urge to do so. Who says this must be an exercise in dour sombreness?

Perhaps you want to grow taller, you might play around with creating different scripts until you come up with one that works for you.

I do suggest, though, that whatever change you’re wanting to take place in your body or mind, begin first with the instruction that,“Every negative thought, belief and emotion about <insert desire here> is now permanently removed from my/your subconscious mind”.  Then shoot for the stars.

My recordings normally only include two statements; 1) the removal of resistance to the specified change wanted and 2) the specified change.

I try to stick to one issue at a time and keep them as simple and concise as possible, then I copy and paste them in Audacity for the entire length of the CD, so I’m not having to repeat the same two sentences for an hour or so just to fill up a CD.

Again, personal choice only, but I normally play my recording every night for 28 consecutive nights (or days, whichever is your sleep pattern). If, at any time, I find myself feeling too lazy to put the recording on, or I feel any sort of internal resistance or irritation about playing it, then I’m absolutely certain that a breakthrough is occurring – a sure sign that my subconscious mind is registering the new instructions programmed into it.

Of course, that may not happen to you at all, so please don’t feel that if you’re not experiencing any resistance, it’s not working! We’re all so very different. That’s the beauty of humanity!

Finally, I would dearly love for you to share your personal self-hypnosis experiences – particularly those we’re told “can’t be done” – to help others who are riddled with doubt about the subject, to know they’re no different to the rest of us and that they can, indeed, achieve whatever they want.   Sometimes, people just need to know of someone else’s success to help spur them on.

It’s high time the status quo was shaken to its foundations on a global scale. I believe we’re heading in that direction as increasing numbers of people are waking up and realizing that we all need to stop giving our power and trust away to ‘professionals’, and to take back what’s rightfully ours:  health, happiness and prosperity.

Hypnosis is the key that can unlock that for us, like nothing else can.


Yes, Martha, There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

I do apologize to cat lovers everywhere for the title – please forgive this uncouth and politically incorrect baby boomer for the callous use of a term from her era? (And what does it really mean, anyway?  Do we even want to know?)

But I digress…

Have you ever been told you can’t be hypnotized?

Did you know that’s not strictly true?  

Did you know there’s more than one way to affect changes within your subconscious mind?  Well, of course you did, or you wouldn’t be here reading this now, would you?

If you can sleep – at all – you can reap the rewards and benefits of hypnosis – perhaps even more powerfully than through other methods, like LOA, meditation, affirmations, visualizations, ‘normal’ hypnosis, etc.

Some may call this ‘sleep method’ that I use, merely ‘affirmations’, others may call it ‘hypnosis’.   Does the label matter, when the results can be astonishingly, mind-blowingly, powerful?

Do you absolutely need to be awake, in a zen-like, meditative state, on a mountaintop, starving half to death whilst contemplating your navel, for it to work?

Absolutely not.


Because when we sleep, our conscious minds are oblivious to what’s being fed into our subconscious minds (or the ‘subby’, for short).  That, in turn, means that the ‘gatekeeper’ is off duty – the cat’s away so the mice can play.  It’s then that suggestions, instructions, re-programmings – whatever you want to call them – can be the most effective, particularly if you’ve not had success with other methods, perhaps because the desired change or transformation is seen by your normal waking mind as a bit ‘far fetched’ or ‘impossible’.  

But, when your normal, waking mind is absent, it can do nothing to prevent new data being downloaded and absorbed into your ‘hard drive’.  That, my friend, is exactly the point, and the success, of any form of hypnosis – reaching the subconscious mind while the conscious mind is absent. 

As mentioned in the first post, it’s so easy to do for yourself:

Make a recording (suggest reading the first post for ideas on formulating removal of resistance first), and play it back all night, on repeat, while you sleep, either with headphones, or speakers, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s comfortable for you – and do so for a good 28 nights straight, even on nights when you really don’t feel like playing it, or feel ‘irritated’ at the thought of playing it.  Those are signs that you’re making a ‘breakthrough’ and your subby is registering, recognizing and responding to your new instructions.

It may take some getting used to, listening to your own voice repeating the same couple of sentences over and over again as you try to drift off to sleep, but you will get used to it.  I promise.

If your desire for the change and transformation you seek is strong enough, and means more to you than the slight annoyance of faintly hearing your own voice while drifting off to sleep, then you will get used to it.

For those who may not have read the first post, there are free recording software programs you can download.  I personally use Audacity (www.audacity.com), but you may have another method of recording. As long as it works and as long as you have some sort of ‘repeat’ function on whatever you’re going to be playing it on while you sleep, that’s all that matters.

I use an el-cheapo mini hifi system that I keep in the bedroom just for that purpose, and listen to recordings through the speakers, but others may prefer an ipod and headset. Whatever works for you.

Once again, if you can sleep, you can re-program your subconscious mind and create incredible changes to your health, your body, your mind, your goals –  even psychic abilities can be awakened using this ‘sleep method’.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.